Georges: the Captain of CSKA will remain Semak

Georges: the Captain of CSKA will remain SemakHead coach of CSKA Moscow Portuguese Arthur George in an interview to Sport-Express "said that in the new season the team will play in attacking and entertaining football". At the next training camp in the Netherlands the main focus will be the tactic is working out various schemes and options.Mourinho confirmed that CSKA finally moved on to play with four at the back - according to George, with this system, the team looks much stronger and more United. "This does not mean that some of the matches we won't return to last year's pattern with three defensive players. In my opinion, the players must be ready for any scenario. Their tactical horizons in any case should not be too narrow," said the Portuguese.George reported that the new season captain's armband will remain with Semak, whom he considers "well-deserved and high-class player."According to the chief coach of the red and blue, to the collection in the Netherlands will not go all the players who worked in Spain - the composition will be less than two or three people. The other day a decision will be made by the Croat Brnjica, which is held in location CSKA almost a week.According to Jorge, the team has a lot of promising young players: "I Can say Zhirkov and Tlisova. Читать полностью -->

Abramovich will build CSKA stadium

Abramovich will build CSKA stadiumMoscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov at a meeting of the Moscow government said that Roman Abramovich turned to the mayor of Moscow with a proposal to build for the football club CSKA sports arena. "There is a proposal to build a stadium for CSKA. The offer from the owner of Chelsea, " said the mayor, according to "Vremya Novostei". Thus, Abramovich has openly expressed willingness to participate not only in the fate of the newly-acquired English Chelsea, but also to provide essential support for the Russian football club. In addition, Abramovich indirectly confirmed the participation of their capital in CSKA. Right about the same time Governor of Chukotka to declare not - UEFA rule prohibited from owning clubs participating in a competition (in this case in the Champions League).. Читать полностью -->

Spikelets took another day to choose acting coach

Spikelets took another day to choose acting coachYesterday, the RFU President Vyacheslav Koloskov said that in the three remaining matches of the qualifying round of Euro 2004 team of Russia will lead trainer with the prefix "acting". "Monday is going to devote to the consultation, said spikelets in an interview with the newspaper "Sport-Express". And Tuesday morning will make a decision that will be announced immediately. Since we appointed the acting head coach, to collect the Executive Committee is not required. It is enough to discuss the situation with members of the Bureau. Perhaps the team will be headed by Alexander Borodyuk, it is included in the list of candidates. Читать полностью -->

The decision Onopko influenced Gazzaev - football news

The decision Onopko influenced GazzaevWith great surprise, took in Vladikavkaz transition record holder in number of appearances for the national team of Russia Viktor Onopko. During a live broadcast on a local radio station the President of "Alania" Sergey Takaev revealed the secret of the transition of the ex-captain of the Russian team. It turns out that the solution Onopko was affected by ex-coach Valery Gazzaev, who advised and asked him to accept the offer from Vladikavkaz. In other words, Gazzaev has acted as a guarantor of performance of all obligations to the player. Valery Gazzaev, even as coach of CSKA, not forgets his hometown club, who in the mid-90s raised to the top of Russian football. His acquaintance with the leaders of the Uzbek football Federation helped vladikavkaztian to get into their ranks and the best player of Uzbekistan Mirjalol Kasymov. Читать полностью -->

Lippi expects to take revenge from Milan

Lippi expects to take revenge from MilanIn Sunday's match at the Italian Supercup mentor 'Juventus' Marcello Lippi expects to take revenge 'Milan' for the defeat on penalties in the Champions League final.'We do not consider themselves inferior 'Milan' and can give a good gift to our fans. We will remember about Manchester final, as well as about our President lady Di Cusano', " said Lippi.'Despite the fact that the team started pre-season training recently, we expect a hard fight. 'Milan' is in the same condition, and we therefore 'Juventus' is not explicitly give them physically, as it was in the match against 'Manchester United'. This time my players perform in their usual manner and the upcoming match will not be like the Champions League final', concluded the coach 'Bianconeri'.. . . Читать полностью -->

Blatter for sexy football players

Blatter for sexy football playersFIFA President Sepp Blatter said that football players should be form-fitting shorts that accentuate their "feminine aesthetic". According to him, tight clothing will serve to: promote the game.He, in particular, said, "Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do volleyball players. For example, they can act in tight shorts. Girls are very attractive, so forgive me this liberty, in addition, the rules of women's and men's soccer are different - so women play an easier ball, and to create a more feminine look, why not start with the clothes?".Alas, Blatter comments sparked outrage from players, says today's Guardian, which quotes the words of the women's national team goalkeeper England Pauline cope, who called the comments of the head of FIFA "is typical of such types.". . . Читать полностью -->

Rooney is not guaranteed a first team place

Rooney is not guaranteed a first team placeOne of the most talented footballers of England Wayne Rooney said that he stays at Everton, despite attempts by other teams to buy the 17-year-old footballer, France Press reports.Club's head coach David Moyes fears that Rooney may stop developing as a football player after a dazzling season in the Premier League. "He spent a lot of games last year, and this season will hold even more. But if Rooney believes that the place in the first team Everton is guaranteed, it is not so. I think that the upcoming season will be harder than the previous one," said the head coach.Now young talent is recovering from a groin injury that Rooney got during the tour of Austria.. . . Читать полностью -->

Director Roma: I was negotiating with a Russian company

Director Roma: I was negotiating with a Russian companySports Director of "Roma"Franco Baldini has confirmed the fact of negotiations for the sale of the club to the Russian company."I contacted the company from Russia. I listened carefully to the proposals of Russian and passed them, who should, " said Baldini local journalists. - Further, it is not my job. It's a matter of the shareholders of the club. But as far as I know, until there was no answer".Previously, the Italian press reported that the company "Nafta-Moscow" offered the club the Italian Serie a million T400. . Читать полностью -->

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